Facilities – CFL


Facilities built for speed

Our handling facilities at Heathrow Airport are built for purpose. Which means whether using export, import or both, you gain the fastest, most efficient way to move your goods from ground to air.


Faster imports

All import shipments come directly to us from the aircraft. This means your goods are ready for collection from just 60 minutes after flight arrival. It’s the quickest and most reliable import service at Heathrow. Express at its best.

Easier exports

We are the fastest way to connect your shipments with your airline. And because we handle everything within our airside facility, all goods are security screened in-house for rapid dispatch to the aircraft. All you simply need to do is register your driver and present the goods together with a valid customs entry for export. It’s that simple. We currently offer three express drop-off bays with goods being accepted up to 90 minutes before the flight departs.