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30 plus years ago...

CFL was formed as a result of London Heathrow's (LHR) growth into the world's premier long haul airport.
The growth of the on-board courier product, which allowed unaccompanied packages to travel in the belly hold as unaccompanied luggage led to huge pressure on the passenger terminals.

As a result, Heathrow looked to move the courier product out
of passenger terminals and the industry created CFL to manage
the operational facility. Created with a shareholding from
across the industry, including the integrators (FedEx, Express,
DHL,UPS and TNT ) as well as some airlines and handling
agents, CFL has provided a low-cost, express facility and service
supporting the growth of the courier industry at Heathrow.


The CFL business has grown
steadily in recent years and CFL
is now the only courier licensed
operation at Heathrow.

This has led to an expansion of both the building and the employee base. CFL has expanded signi´Čücantly in recent years as demand for its services increases.

CFL is responsible for providing export, import and screening services for courier companies and provides a fully equipped facility for ground handlers and airlines.

The company provides a critical link
for the airlines operating at LHR with
the courier industry.

As such, CFL is a key supporter of the AICES organisation, which is the trade organisation in the UK for companies handling international express parcels.

The unique ownership structure of CFL lends it to concentrating on providing genuinely world class express courier service and facilities for the industry.

Which means we really are connecting the world
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